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All About Me

Hi, I'm Thomas, nice to meet you!

I could say that my first experience with photography and video started when I was just 12 years old. At this age I started learning how to edit videos and photos and how to create content even before YouTube was a thing.  

Jumping forward to my 18's, I began a bachelor degree of "Cinema and Audiovisual" at Fluminense Federal University in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. There I had my first contact with professional photography and videography. At the same time, I took classes of journalism and marketing, with focus in photography and video. Likewise, I was inspired and encouraged by the great masters of photojournalism whom I had the opportunity to meet. At this time I bought my first camera which gave me the opportunity to start working in my area. Besides, I worked as an assistant at the development film lab. 

Since 2015 I live from photography and filmmaking. Photo and film aren't just work for me, they are my hobbies as well as part of my personality. The most important thing in my work is to use creativity. There are no limits to the imagination or what can be done with it.

Currently I live in Hamburg, Germany. My native language is Portuguese. I am a German citizen born in Brazil, that is why I never had the opportunity to learn German. Therefore, I speak English, Spanish and I am developing my skills in German.

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About my style

My approach to photography and film lies in my unwavering dedication to capture the world through an artistic lens. I aim to evoke genuine emotions and provoke contemplation in every frame. My work merges the captivating allure of artistic expression with the authenticity of photojournalistic integrity, resulting in a compelling blend that invites viewers to both appreciate the aesthetics and reflect on the deeper narratives within each image.

When it comes to working with companies, my style corresponds to their needs and the client's visual identities. As an example, in gastronomy, the focus is to make the food look as close to reality as possible by enhancing textures and creating an image which makes your mouth water.

Therefore, when the work is authorial, artistic or allows a more creative approach, my personal style comes into play.

Personally I like to mix my favorite styles of literature and filmography and to create a futuristic and dark atmosphere. My style is a mix of Cyberpunk, Noir and Horror, with some touches of surrealism and dystopia.

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